About Us

We would like to tell you a short story of how Lil’ Helpers got its start:

As a business owner I personally needed someone to come and clean my home on a weekly basis. I tried several different services in this area and discovered that the services were not up to my standards.

I had several women asking me for jobs in my jobs in my business and so I thought why not start a cleaning company.

This would be an excellent way to help employ the people of our community and get good solid training in the service industry.

Out of a need came a dream and a business: Lil’ Helpers.

Our Employees:

Whether you are home or at work when we come to service your home you have no need to worry.

Lil’ Helpers is fully licensed, bonded and insured which means: All of our employees have had an extensive background check and ongoing drug screenings. If at all possible we always send the same people to your home so you get to know them and they get to know you . All keys and codes given to us are secured and so you have no worries. We value the trust you have put in us to be in your home. When you come home you will be able to smell the freshness and be able to relax knowing your home is one less problem you have to take care of.

Southern Pines NC Cleaning Service